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Our Commitment to our Customers
 It is the personal responsibility of each of us to build quality into our products; to recommend better processes; and ensure the customers satisfaction. We enforce this philosophy by providing all employees the necessary tools and training.  


“Your Partner for Machining Solutions”

     At Damark, we have been refining our manufacturing process for over 17 years. The result: a low risk source with controlled cost and high quality manufactured parts . We are a valued source to manufacturing engineers and part procurement specialist because of our
attention to detail throughout procurement process

     Our quality process begins in our quoting department, where over 60 years of experience in manufacturing and process engineering are put to use reviewing your project

     Damarks strength is still in its employees, some of the best in the business.  With years of experience, our machinist and welders are ready to take on your projects.  

Our compliment of equipment includes the following:
1 * Fadal CNC 4020 4 Axis Mill (VH165 rotary), with extended Z & coolant thru spindle
ork table is 40(x) x 20(y) x 28(z)

2 * Fadal CNC 4020 3 Axis Mill coolant thru, 30 tool stations with a              
       work table of 40(x) x 20(y) x 28(z)

1 * Fadal VMC 2016 L work table 20(x) x 16(y) x 20(z)

1 * Fadal VMC 15 work table 20(x) x 16(y) x 20(z)

1 * Fadal VMC 10 work table 20(x) x 16(y) x 20(z)

1 * Haas Horizontal HS-1 Pallet Changer 16 x 16, 24 tool station, 30 hp.

2 * Proto Trak vertical mills with 2 & 3 axis capability, programmable, 
onversational, 20 x 40 work envelope

2 * Proto Trak vertical mills with 2 & 3 axis capability 
    programmable, conversational

1 * Trak CNC Lathe 2460SX with a 4” dia. thru hole, 1800rpm 4 station indexer

1 * Trak CNC Lathe 1540V with a 2” dia. thru hole, 4000rpm  4 station indexer

1 * Trak TRL 1440S – 5C collet lathe 6” chuck 2400rpm

1* Okuma LB9 Lathe with bar feeder  6” chuck 1 ¾ dia. thru hole

1 * Puma 8” 12 tools - live tooling 2 5/8 dia. thru hole.

1 * HwaCheon CNC 6” chuck

2 * Bridgeport manual mills

1 * Acra SBS automatic hydraulic band saw 15”w

1 * Do-All CNC Saw 16” W/ 20’ conveyor

1 * 12” Cold saw - 4” capability

Our welding capabilities include a Miller CP 302 Mig Welder, a Demmeler modular fixturing table, ideal for prototypes, short runs, specials, and job shop work. Other shop capabilities include tool repair, machined prototyping, and custom fixtures. And much much more… 

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